Last year I’ve spent all winter season trying and testing some of Brazilian wine. And guess what, surprisingly there is even some awarded ones worldwide. Well, it is coming yet but I do think there is few choices on the market with specific grapes. Here I’m choosing to show you only the ones from the Sao Roque city in my home town São Paulo which makes me fell great to say we do have the cold weather as well, but there is much more on the south area and the variety is also better. It means to me, that VINICOLA GOES does pretty much the basics with several tones but it is already a heritage.

Basically, I thought them an option by the end of the day because we are pretty much used to the Chilean, Argentinian, French, Italian wine. But I do know also about the Californian, Australian, South African. And here, we mostly think the better are the foreign ones but I did tried and I did appreciated and I did had a good time. To be honest, I think the wine sector is even improving around here but quietly yet. I tried the basics because were the ones I could afford but they also go high on prices which makes me scary sometimes.

I’m cool right now, who knows season next.
Because too much would make me feel drunk.

I totally recommend.

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