I have bought those books to stock my book shelf and when I went to pick them for a read, they were talking exactly what I was expecting to read specially because I see myself facing a sort of thing and one was completing another, giving me clues to help me have a good time. The good thing is that I was growing inside. Strange that I had spent a lot of time inside the bookstore to find the titles I was into to, and yes I got something quite substantial.


First, I was totally interested in get know what the author had to say for a couple of years but it was a hard to find and the edition is still in English, sort of real foreign literature. Best, it is about short stories that you can stop and keep reading in some other time. Wonderful, it is soft psychedelic cute and trash. It is about free spirit, worries, catching up with life and its episodes of weirdness. Simple things that can change everything on its meaning. Sometimes, I had lived the scenery or even were miming my daily life now. So, I would like to read a couple of more books of Murakami because it is indeed refreshing.


Getting from the start of industrial revolution, passing from hierarchy and aristocracy rolls into the democracy and meritocracy of nowadays. Trying to minimize stuff and giving credit for the simple it is a bit of push the boundaries and who knows find a balance on it all. It is a search for a change, giving possibilities while still keeping the feet on the ground and realities, showing how to succeed after efforts made and still the importance of others and all on the society. It is very high-low history kind of book that translate a bit what the future is. Quite interesting tho,

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