Those days when having tuff issues on my work I needed a release in somehow and I deeply looked after a scape. CANAL OFF was my best remedy so far and helped me get back on track shortly and in good shape again. Yes, it is true I’m kind of ‘ H O L I C ‘ and I’m surprised there is people sharing all this good stuff with me. It is definitely the best of Brazilian made ever seen and I’m getting / betting on it hardly and I would save it for a long later date.

To be really honest I would be plugged for hours gone by, and I would call it the new MTV. The travelling thing, the well-being, the challenges, the radical sports so appealing and the nature are just a must see it again and again. The cable channel has so much going on with a full-length grade line-up, that simply doesn’t leave anything to desire. It is youth and that is all filled with radical sports on the content and other guests.

Congrats for all involved and crew. An Award !

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