My favorite drink out of coffee. Coffee in the morning, tea for the evening is just perfect. I’m addicted to it. I have been into tea for a long time now and I’ve started trying to make it on a different kind, adding lemon, ginger, spices and even garlic on my own. I bought it fresh, I mean chamomile proper flower or hibiscus but the peppermint didn’t work on this scenery, shame but also have started to think about the mixed blends. It is most like a chemistry kind and we could go further, it feels as an exercise of discoveries trying to picture the tea thing. It is pretty renewing.

One of my best tastes is jasmine tea and that is not a very easy to find but I do have it on me every once and a while as before I wasn’t into fruits and flowers blends but I have gone for it as well, so fond of it I still am together once I’ve tried the green tea and disliked quite thinking it too strong but turned into friendly mode totally. Along with many other tales…

The special, is that those pots can turn into small gifts and I’m wondering why I haven’t thought on this before. I mean, when visiting a friends place, for your boss or work colleagues and even on a catch up on mid afternoon. I’m sure the person whom will receive it will be delighted. I’m prepping my Xmas list gifts already so organic I’m. And this is a hint for you too !

All flavors and more at GOURMET TEA, R$ 27.

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