Reminding me of young ages when I didn’t have so much responsibilities to cover up and so I was finding myself ever on holidays at beach. Now, that I have reached a stone I’m trying to be back on this feeling and incorporate. I took my path and I do think it suits me better but occasionally I’ve missed the adventure sport set, I have been practicing and exercising it pretty much on the park playing tennis and jogging as daily outside activities but I’m planning a return to the sea side. Soon I would say, when I detangle a bit from injuries and of what is going on, which is part of a natural process and stretch bits. Some people take it serious and go deep as a career but for me it is more like well-being kind. Ok, surf.

The curious thing is that it is not only me, the high fashion top scene is trying a catch up which makes me wonder people are questioning say bye-bye for all the stress surround. And then, when I say that I went for check on the surf labels itself with much more affordable prices to keep chill and cool.

Here is ROXY to you have a look at.

U$ 85


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