Just started wonder of such adventure. We naturally goes to the most habited and cosmopolitan places but what could be if found on ice landscapes. Would be joy or would it be challenge? Get out of our comfort zone and try some deep new thinkings. After what happened in 2017 with Antarctica and its enormous crack we must think of nature recovering by itself and keep the crack there, who knows a river comes up. Let’s hope for adaptation, transformation. Possibly a transition. Let’s hope for the best while we keep doing our part to understand better, and I mean that for we all, what is balance or better say equilibrium. But is quite interesting tho, what is about build houses and those igloos are a huge lesson. I don’t think it is bad get catch with some doubts or immersed to find answers, but I think it is important to find a point.

( About environment, eco-system and sustainability )

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