I took a while to understand that this do happens even if I’m more into original scripts, sometimes a remake is worth to see. On the up-coming BLADE RUNNER 2049 we are getting most of a continuation which makes sense as on the first release it was all about the technologic revolution that have followed by and on this last we are talking back on the space trip to Mars that is programmed for 2033 I think, not really sure but something beyond it, the first was set in Los Angeles 2019.

Certainly it will be also the next big thing and I will be proud of watch it and follow it with my own eyes as on the trip to the Moon I wasn’t born yet. To be really honest, I have been studying space and the best programs are The Planets, Man on Mars and The Last Man on the Moon all on Netflix that gave me an enormous idea along with astrology and so it is definitely a wow! to catch up.

It seems that the trip to Mars has some difficulties been studied yet specially with what is concerned to air and blood pressure and mental impact and it is cold, the sky vary from pinkish and pale blue dust never bright and never dark, the trip is much longer than to the Moon taking 3 years with a return ticket, if the return ticket do really exist. The Nasa specialist told that build up Mars he is totally sure but the voyage he is still setting up and that also that is not only an American journey, it will take some joint efforts to make it happen which looks a bit more democratic.

To get prepared as I cannot wait on the countdown.
It is a definitely must see ticket on the movies of the year.

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