‘ Ce vie és trés bizarre ’, as a friend of mine once told me. Visiting some other places and beyond, there is much about the feeling for sure but what if I’m also interested on the people that live in. Felling like a local is the best, a passenger you just feel like kind of empty. I’m a bit confused. Ok, so I can get a partner to go along with me. Good idea ! I’m starting on the plannings …

I didn’t speak much about travelling here on my blog previously and once I do, I start getting mad with so many options that I couldn’t do yet, get the world know feel the breeze somewhere and get out of the same routine, attracted to others point of view and sort of behavior. Landscapes, it has so much to offer.

I’m changing totally and completely my route, I’m putting it on the paper and normally I take it out of the paper once life gives me the opportunity. There are few places I want to visit and this is one of the TOP 5.


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