I have heard that we have now abroad airports, but that is not the reason I want to travel in Brazil, I want to travel here because I want to refresh some memories from my past. Specially that things got clearer to me, perhaps that is called maturity and I will share some shine with my presence once again. Well, but I do accept some exchange, vibration ! That is it positive vibration.

I’m definitely planning a shake up on status quo, planning a better life style because after all I have spent a lot with my nose on the books and on my studies that I suppose it will be a good return. Set bit free, fulfill me with a sort of free spirit. I have missed my country in somehow, well I have travelled but there is yet some new spots I want to get known and I do want go else where as well, there is a lot on attracting me. Something called Earth, something called life and possibly new discoveries.

That is the 1st place on my list :

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