LAST FLAG FLYING is my best movie of the year clever way to talk about war that is not a sort of subject we like much to talk about and I suspect it seems to have some analogy in between and a compilation of real facts, nice to see some dark comedy after what we can say a storm year. One of my favorite directors, RICHARD LINKLATER has a little story on the background that took very much of my attention and has left regards with previous films and I felt very interested on the continuation speech. The Vietnam war was far from me but it is pretty much the same as Cold war and we are seeing some reflection on this matter on the daily news and so forth that is what the movie is about. Bit twisted 30 years later, as Richard Linklater always does on the gap of times, he reunite 3 buddies who served the war to now bury a son who was killed in another war.

Well, people says sometimes life imitate art and art imitate life and I think I have seen this story before also there is a lot going on on the movies lately, story telling history some classics and it fabulous because I also want to give a work out. But the schedule and cinema rooms are quite a hard to get, I got sometime running after a screening and got there when the movie was already out, short time screening with no much time in anticipation with the daily life busy diary, and that is the magic of cinema itself, specially those that are more intrinsic.

This year I had a hard year, with some difficult invasion on my desk so I couldn’t watch properly some of the movies I wanted. But I have been following what is on by the backstage, so I’m not that out of form.

But let’s say Richard, I prefer the romantic movies you did in the past or maybe they were not so romantic after all.

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