Those days I gave a little revamp on my contacts and I ended up finding this guy FELIPE STEFANI, between some likes here and there, I must say I quite enjoyed to see his work drawings with the poetic touch of history itself. It was pleasant either for the sea side and culture related, so I got interested in catch up with.

Improving some substantial acquaintances are never enough, specially those that has something to add. And suddenly then, I was even reading some article on a magazine that sometimes connections works out this way, one pushing another to see some sort of developments from both sides, and that was related to the surf thing that I’m so into too at the moment and who knows in some how I will be able to give them a hand at some point. FELIPE STEFANI is based on the coast himself and took part on a movie project this year, signing its poster along that knows another artist beach based long time friend of mine, that knows another that knows another and happened to be something of a coincidence. So I guess, we are like a family now together finding our way.


Please to meet you, Felipe.

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