TURN OVER is a not so new American band from Virginia with a its new album release GOOD NATURE. Soft, it reminds me youth with no worries night clubbing for the day after catch up at swimming pool for a hang over recover. That is a special time and I always wondered a band that could do that morning series, 11 o’clock to be exact for a speed up and enjoy the day. Perhaps I will get 43 feeling 20’s, running up late. It is pretty free spirit, dream pop hits as some past favorite bands as Virgins and Cardigans. Sounds bits of romantic, for a lift or a hold on in the past keep young forever, fresh and refreshed. And you already might have guessed, the lyrics talks exactly about that, accords are simple low and I might tell you feels pretty good be a low-profile. Let the record rolling over again.

And it is like browsing that you find new stuff. This is time for the Australian brand new band PARCELS show up in the scene with, I have been listening this guys since its very first single came out OVERNIGHT that is with a Daft Punk collab, so sounds like it and yes, it is Kitsuné signed which means a quite nice kick debut. Well … Beyond that I have got some new things in store and little secrets. And so came out the LP – HIDEOUT, it is surf disco kind, swing bits electronic produced with a great measure with no mistakes possibly bitter-sweet and that goes on. Discovering new places, the band is now based in Berlin perhaps furthering some repertory studies. Ok, cool. Interesting to see people moving around, what those guys are looking for I really don’t know but lets wait for and hope for new works and new albums come up. Shortly I suppose, but good job.

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