It all began with flowers and them came the bulb plants, the flowers die and the bulb plants need some exercises. There is always that run after water, of course but I have seen myself sticking with some sticks to make them better & beauty. The bulbs came by one and are growing inside my scene, well not only mine, I thought they were enough but I have been seen other spaces and there is always an another fit in.

It is pretty fun take care of it, it is like that bright moment of the day and they last and turn into your little kids, you talk to them from time to time and even give some warning when not growing the way you wanted it to be. Good refresh for weekends, filling some empty space of time with deep thoughts. A kind great companion.

There is the sizes and its pots and land. So, it is like learning how to go with it as well and I do really think that some of those tools would be a nice gift for Christmas. I would adore, specially if coming along with 2 other big plants and make my garden even prettier.

All at TOK & STOK.

About environment, ecology, sustainability and gardening.

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