FUN #2

A small tiger, this is the Bengal Cat. Well, talking about exotics I have been searching for pedigrees and I found out this one. So, I thought it was a good match with the dog of previous post to make a couple. I have been thinking about a lot of things before get a pet as sex… As you know dog and cat are not the same story but that I did see a male dog trying to fuck a girl cat I did, so its wise do not mix them up much. Which means, a male cat with a female dog is better. Rolling a vet subject here.

It might happen someday to me, but I guess I’m not prepared yet, not just yet. So, I kept searching and I might tell you, I’m on eye in some other cat already, I mean one but other pedigree that made my mind even more. But you know, as everything that is ours and under our possession, we have kind of jealousy for being ‘The Originals’. Anyway, the Bengal Cat is cute so I leave you with this one …

It happened last minute a sort of ‘Trans-Gender’ on my pets.
Only choices, will see.

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