And so, the society is all about celebration and why not, to celebrate the end of an year or the beginning of other, to celebrate the work we do, a new couple, a new birth, your birth. Certainly we all face some issues but it is totally worth the challenge, the reason we are here where everyday counts. So, I suspect I’m already waiting for Easter, time pass pretty much quick and here it goes.

I’ve picked some traditional chocolate in my country from 1928, KOPENHAGEN as a small gift at this time and I loved their limited edition for Christmas tree, a sort of delicacy. And that how it goes, only some delights, skinny.


Brazil has got some antiques production that are kind of great, products from the past that are still on going, brands that have last through the time and sometimes being revamped and it is interesting to see it all alive and specially when you face it on store. Bring up memories.

R$ 28

R$ 38

R$ 48

Ok, definitely I promise I will give that to my parents very soon. Kopenhagen, from time to time shows off at their places, I see boxes and bags it is used of them possibly my brothers and sisters and beyond, it might be my turn to give them that. I might go for the CAT TONGUE, as I’m even writing a song on this subject.

And it is crazy !! My family be calling me up, my parents and brothers and sisters be always waiting for my gift, I don’t know if I’m a quite unexpected surprise to them, but that turned into traditional as well. The gift Julie’s going to give us … Sometimes, also my friends behave like this, surrounding the area with that curious face of them.

All at Kopenhagen.

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