Organics. Detoxify the body is refreshing and health, going green from inside. I’m saying that over and over again but this is as a combination of a lot of things. All is allowed for a cleanse, I love so much the spa thing that I created my own home spa and I have fun with it. Aromatics, candles, mineral salts, baths, skin treats, hair treats, stones and so forth.

And came up this juice. I’m not a fan of regular juices I think them sweet so I prefer the tea. On the tea topic some new discoveries, I just learned that green tea is good to keep fit and helps on loosing weight and the white tea is good for the skin and I might tell you I have a very difficult skin so I’m giving it a try and will keep it forever. But DETOX juice is my new favorite, taste quite bitter and is pretty light but the sensation is like a shot of adventure. They clean the toxics from the body, helps burn fat, improves the well-being, improves the quality of sleep and helps on headaches also make stronger the immunity system.

There are few different types that might serve you well but I will let you know the ones I like most. And since I first tried, it is pretty easy you find me hanging with a bottle / cup of it around.



– Kale
– Ginger
– Orange
– Water


– Kale
– Cucumber
– Pepermint
– Lemon Juice

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