Well, that is very hard specially when you do like smoke. But I’m not going to tell you that is a rule but I have started to loose weight kind a fast so on my put on weight or hold it diet I thought in quit smoke or at least try. Not only because that, because I think about my boyfriend, the person that will be by my side and sometimes the sort of woman smell that is very opposite of me. Once I have watched a tv series that the girl for each smoke she would spray a perfume and that looks like me, I have got body splash, incense sticks, ambient spray but is never enough.

Also, occasionally about my health… So, this year I gave it a try for the rolling cigarettes again that are less bad but in my country they are not very used to it and I, myself got used back on the manufacturer. So, will see and also got on the lighter one and I found even a lighter that I can try as well.

I had a shaken past year so I got hardly on smoke but if 2018 be a peaceful year, who knows I keep trying to improve my habits.

R$ 55

R$ 48

R$ 45

On the drugstore close to you.

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