I’m always looking after different sort of subjects and stories that can help me on my work construction, pretty much as hungry and it is never enough, including that I hear a lot of people saying in other professional areas that are always studying to get actual so it might be a normal thing to update from time to time and I also keep going on the research in which I think is a very interesting part of the process.

I work with communication and art projects and it is like a mixture of a lot of things, specially when has a lot of things going on but it is hard to bring upfront something unique as it is also as feed me on the speed of light. And the best is when you really find things that share with you exactly what you expect from it, it talks to you brightening the horizon.

For example, I always wanted to learn a 3rd language that is taking me to the 4th and I did it. Now I can read French and started hearing much better as well, sure I can write and why not ? For me as a writer I do believe that are different types of exercises to make my brain stronger on the creation. Specially when most of the French books are difficult to find translated in other languages.

So here are the VOGUE – FRANCE books review that I would go for it.

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