It is true that music from the past are loving and enjoying because they did mark a time. But I’m really into new discoveries and new sounds, why that ? Because that is what keeps the ball rolling. Musicians are out there doing their job and there is a new scene going on that I thing is also kinda great take part on. I’m actually proud of making part of this transition.

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG I had heard previously but mostly known for the acting works on movies, in which I thought quite impressing the tone of her voice and is here that lays a remarking piece, specially on Lars Von Trier movie Melancholia but their work partnership is very interesting tho. And so on, after 8 years she comes up with a new music album release, well took a little a while but it is like skipping or mixing between medias that ends up as a source of example to have a look at. Me, myself I’m into French music for some strange reason, so I’m really studying it maybe because fashion took me there and so Charlotte Gainsbourg latest release REST took more my attention. The first LP was quite raw, the second light folk into 70’s mood and on the third it turns more dark, drama with rhythm where she finds an equalized balance. Also, previously Charlotte sang in English and on Rest she appears mostly in French and that is why it is my favorite album.

FLEETING CIRCUS is a surprising Brazilian rock band from Rio that is delivering real good stuff. Formed in 2011, I think it has passed the time to make it known and a new trend is emerging of doing English songs that might be not bad after all to be heard on bigger scales of public, however well written lyrics trying to say something to be heard. RESTLESS NOISE is a 90’s faded memory that comes forth in perfect shape remixed to be now and then sort of music. Here, I think what is rolling is a good recipe in between instruments and band with the vocal. It is not exactly those allegro music that put you in good state of well being, but is pretty intense rock hard radical that I’m proud of to present as I have not heard anything about the band before and I found them around, browsing. Fulfill with rush, I think it calls youth or pretends to be. Who knows the next generation.

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