I thought it a very opportune moment to bring the exhibition up to the country, and here it is one of the best seen so far JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT was a very expected view. Circulating between talks here and there, it seems to me right on time taking the spotlight with politics alive, I think the artist would have thought about this previously in a way or another. And certainly the deliberated way of expression of his works is what makes it so special, the heart beats.

I loved read between lines, specially because nobody had introduced me to this guy previously, whatta rec ! But I have read his biography before but surprisingly I knew nothing about on the start of my arts career long ago coincidently I got something similar, despite it have turned more pop lately there is yet something to do with my own archive. I might try hardly make a change from now on but it is still a big thing for me the speech dialogue in which I’m proud of, specially on the avant-garde note of his proposal. For me, it is one of the biggest names on the arts scene and it is an enormous contribution to the world his paintings, totally updated on 2020 when the news and the journals gets again the attention of the public but Basquiat took it in advance and is trying to sort our cybernetic problem out, only an electronic gadget. I’m sorry I have been deadly hacked. Will see what comes next. PEACE.


Definitely a must see !

At CCBB – SP till 07/04
Rua Alvares Penteado, 112
Centro – Sao Paulo – SP

Coming next
RJ – BH – DF .

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