That is pretty much like a run against the time and the good news is that this is current totally available. I didn’t know it so I keep searching to improve some aspects of daily life, as it is like incorporating by bits. There is a lot going on the pack to keep youth alive and young for a longer lasting. It is interesting how humanity is looking after that, after all. Renew awake is the brand new big thing.

At age of 30’s something I’ve suddenly started a turn off, twist things as immature aging so I just felt ‘oh, well if I don’t do nothing to myself I will be passed sooner than I think ‘ and then guess what … I just realized that I have improved substantially in such a way that I feel better now than on my 17’s. I will let you learn some tricks. It was like a little pause to enable myself to see the bigger picture and have perspective in life, prospecting the life ahead in more harmony, possibly my 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Once I read a book about pauses in life that works exactly this way to see what serves us, what needs to be changed and modified and what doesn’t serve us anymore.

It has started with meditation and regular exercises to keep toned, then I went to improve my repertory creating a sort of dynamics on my work, that seems a very special time of life to build up reputation, by the sides I went improving my eating habits. I gave also the chance for events that were bringing unexpected surprises, sometimes opening up a path, others cleaning the way and others with the calm of glory. People also played a big part in here, I kind of enjoyed getting clues and sharing, and when I say that people that are close to me, it was really interesting see them tuned and their points of view. And I was there, trying to give a hand as well. It looked like a dance with a flow that only God knows.

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