Lets get on the health basics of pharmacy shelves. Improving immunity and system, the VITAMIN E is the best choice for sure, it prevents cancer and aging that is the combination for fear, who doesn’t fear cancer in life coming at once taking your life away yet a very hard sickness to deal with so I guess prevent it is a way to go through. Together that is antioxidant, and that will give you a pimp on other matter that is get old too fast.

COMPLEX B is for nervous system and that includes blood, blood pressure and movements . The reason I’m saying that is because true facts, vising the orthopedist the doctor told me about a patient that has lost the walking and lately it was told about the nervous system and the lack of Vitamin B, so the patient has started taking the medicine and recovered the movements luckily. Occasionally I, was having several motor problems and I started taking it as well and my problems are much more smoother now, which sounds good.

OMEGA 3 – FISH OIL is an anti-inflammatory oil that helps on the column and others bones problems. The reason I took into it but its best function is for the brain, eyes, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and depression. The anti-inflammatory thing is also an ally that goes against the cancer thing that goes against the line, fight and prevent it.

All those things combined put some weight on, so I would recommend take it in small portions and on a constant also as an auxiliary and complementary with food habits because all of that you can find on food properties.

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