I never spoke about the stars I even tried but superficially and then I got myself into astrologic studies that made sense, as a future prediction it helps as a guide line and I recommend give a check out from time to time. I have been following some serious and good astrologers since 2012 and several things they have mentioned really have happened, sometimes the events they say even if you try to hold happens to be on a way or another. It is pretty much mathematical and I do believe the Birth Chart has a lot to tell about us. We say that our lives are written on the stars and it is very possible that it is. For me, the Universe is God himself with the good and the bad, there is darkness as there is light.

Anyway, it is much more than our birth sign and ascendant there are the houses and rulers, the rulers are the planets and play a big part on the years as their position on the sky is what makes our year best or worst, the 12 houses are fixed terms that follow the signs and each sign have a ruler for each house. So is much more complex than we think. I guess that is the reason we don’t have much control of events and from time to time we are facing last minute changes. The birth sign – ascendant tell us about our personality, the way we behave and put ourselves into the world but life is predicted by the time reading as a clock.

Here on the pictures below you can see how it works on a basic step.

That is the reason astrology, horoscope serves for everyone born on that specific sign, there is a computer program for reading and that is the way the stars are aligned with the planets. Planets are what rules the entire story.

Sounds crazy, but is true.
Try to keep safe. Handle with care.

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