On my travelling around the world, I catch up myself asking about other people culture that I knew nothing about as I knew nothing about several things. Once I got introduced, I said thanks Julie at last you were interested and investigating beyond and around. I found out several points in common or things to take as example in somehow and that is my thing really.

Today, surprisingly I’m bringing Canadian bands and they are getting tuned as well of the new sort of music scene that is rolling for sometime already but here the gender is rock. This is WINONA FOREVER album THIS IS FINE with low notes in ambient beats that high light the spirit soft shoegaze that is my favorite of the moment with strings that make all difference but drum sticks are getting me too. I think that sometimes I can hear references from the past in quite few bands sometimes they come out from inside the box and so the latest single release KEEP KOOL. Those guys are having fun doing their music certainly and it is round good music, atmosphere. Jazzy.

TRAVIS BRETZER is another Canadian guy so it is in on my list. The latest is BUBBLE GUM and when it rolls the playlist makes me wonder, great I’m making part of it because it is really bubbling the surface something on the music front and I got it for me it is a mixture of rockabilly and psychedelic which is difficult to believe or not and notes of jazz, looking back seems like a jam session miscellaneous. I’m full of good new stuff and all the time I find new bands new records new songs. It is being a pretty awesome period and that is all.

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