I cannot believe I got so close to the Space subject lately and when I say that I mean that and it was really substantial for my understanding of the whole, entire thing. On the news, there is so much going on about weather and life and what affects one and the other it is pretty much environmental and it feels good have a line of thinking on synchronicity.

So much, that I found myself popping up on Nasa web page as long with their own publicity of space news and other journals commenting that, that for me ended up being about work related stuff, sort of knowledge. I might calm down someday as I got the clue or plot and it is a far from here or a far to reach but definitely it is a inspiring thing to look at.

Coincidently, those days I met a woman on the smocking area of the building I work and she was really inspiring as a polyglot speaking 12 languages so far with an international PhD and to my surprise she told me her son is a engineer of Nasa. Felt familiar and despite the snap of time we were starting to get introduced in more abstract subjects unfortunately it seemed to me as a passage of my life time only. It is like we do really attract what we think and that perhaps is an answer.

There is quite a few images. By now, I just bring some of posters to you have as wallpapers on your computer desk. I wish you like.

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