Conditions. Ability to change and transform things, get the best of it on the mind set, you get the picture. This is SILVER SURFER revisited, to broaden horizons possibly.

Particularly I, think my time have passed on the super heroes sort of movies but from time to time they come out as a light to you think about. Those sort of icons that remark as they did on my childhood or on my teenage kicks that is where everything have started on my life, specially professionally.

You know, on the market always have a target public to reach audience and that is the reason I say it might be getting faded away on my memory as I grow older but I had my moment past ago and it made I turn in what I’m now. I confess that it has been quite difficult to find my place in the sun but is an ongoing process on entertainment , media industry totally worth because that is what I love to do. It is like to say I LOVE MY JOB.

All my ideas, without me realize it, were formed on my childhood I still don’t know who I’m but I still feel flashes inside me of the same kind of wish to turn into something big or make things on a different sort of manner and I did grow up sketching and together with paper and pencils that took me to the arts path naturally in between other performances. And suddenly comes out from the shell SILVER SURFER giving me strong lessons once again and I’m giving it a deep thought.

Who knows what is to come next.
I would be satisfied even if only surfing, surf itself would be just fine.

I’m on my way.
Sharing that with you.

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