I’ve been presented to a radio station, the web radio station called ANTENA ZERO and I did enjoyed the program that I got late night on a Saturday full of old school folks, perhaps blues ballads in a vintage sort of rock jazzy bands. I don’t know the name of the program exactly but possibly is my favorite of all and is worth to have a listen at, at least we know about the timetable and schedule. To remind, Saturdays at 6PM/7PM/8PM, Old School thing in there.

However, those days I’ve popped up again to tune what was going on, first it was rolling again some rock good stuff 90’s this time and suddenly I’ve discovered they did some dj thing with 2 buttons and presenting ANTENA BLACK that you can just get a change and listen some disco thing as well, like mixing channels.


So, I went up for the gig the day after on the radio venue I suppose and they even brought a national country music for the play and tried that thing out from the night prior but really wasn’t the same stuff. Ok, we started to talk about little business of recording studio and I would offer podcasts of new songs pretty brand new thing to play on the radio station but I’m mostly concerned about my EP’s at the moment, on the heat.

I have been listening for quite a while web radios, few of them actually out of Spotify that is also great and guess what, quite nice and different sort of approach. Is a new thing going on, I embrace new projects specially because I’ve been popping up on music studios talking with producers, musicians yeah have been rolling some invitations.

Ok, cool. Congratulations Chiclé for the project.
Try to give it a go : ANTENA ZERO WEB RADIO.

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