I have been looking after those little small bags as they are really need for daily purposes, sometimes a hard to find the good choices. I didn’t care much at first but it is important carry along with you a kit of first aid but the big problem is that those stuff inside along with wallet and sunglasses make a weight.

The shoulder thing came to the focus and I’m really concerned about the bag solution. It might seems a thing that possibly sounds crazy but it is around 1k/2k everyday that might cause a damage on the way. If you think further on the work routine, I carry along with me some papers and others materials that I’m engaging on the wheels and that is not only the car episode, because you can have a car or not.

Something to think about on the design front.

R$ 160

R$ 120

An interesting label to look at.
The new dear brand of the girls.

You can find it at Dafiti or on the closest mall.

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