Curator reminds me about cure is even better than the unveiled, so the first comes before the opening show and that is been an enormous help on my brainstorm nowadays. I never thought so much about the curator and curatorship but I got so much catch up on piles of papers that I got myself to have my oeuvre done pretty soon, collecting them all over again private at first.

I confess I have previous works from 2000 that could go well to some art gallery some day because I always dreamed to be an enfant terrible and that would be a proof but I have donated them to some people I really care for on my family and I think it is a pretty hard job get them back and also not very polite.

Polish, I prefer the well educated than the bad created, a mute note from distance to perhaps try not fall behind. Spend some time on the laboratory is part of the process but be careful to do not fall into the trap and sabotage yourself with your own thinking, can be mind sickness. I’ve tried that once and thought doesn’t suit me much.

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