The JAQUELINE MARTINS gallery is my next stop by to have a watch. Some friends have introduced me to it but I’ve never been and checking some arts line-up ended up to be one of my favorite galleries in town, I think because it is more like an empty space with no pretension that was even quite a nice discovery.

It is true that I’m mostly interested in not so obvious presentations but also true that the artist doesn’t work so much with the unconscious I have been noticing, so sometimes the art view is even pragmatic or maybe this one is great or that one is not so good. But for me, Jaqueline Martins at least on the web site presentation of possibly an exhibition , was a lesson as I really got into the installation myself and I do it as exercises but I even got more and more demanding to make it for real in a good shape and finishing so it is always great have lessons and specially a push to the limit and go forward.

The problem with the installations is that are even harder to realize and also a hard to sell, possible sometimes hard for a show and you have to think about space. Thinking of it all from the backstage is always a hard thing transfer and mobilization and it is very important either be well organized.

That is a point of concern of mine always when I visit an art gallery, normally I’m trying to produce but I’m always consistent of how to show it and make it a good view so basically it seems a never ending story, there is the brut work and all the finishing and details around it that takes a while to get resolved as well.

Specially view after view.
Series after series.

Rua Dr. Cesário Mota Junior , 443

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