I was about to release my single and EP when I just found BALACLAVA RECORDS to send them demos and so, I have postponed but it is fresh coming up soon on a better date and that I can already anticipate. It is pretty awesome to see people bringing new ideas to make the scene more up-dated, and I think a music label is all we needed as I’ve seen some new producers and new bands going on for a while, I would call it a warm up. I’ve listened their Spotify playlist as recommended by the label ‘ Hear it first than talk to me later ‘ and found some bands or songs a good choice, I couldn’t check it all one by one to listen the entire bands records to get a better picture but well, great. Hear it again.

There is favorites and Balaclava Records is a Brazilian label that host also some international bands, ok growing big again the music scene, which sounds a pleasant surprise. As there is a lot going on.

Have a check on BALACLAVA RECORDS.

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