Another option of home films channels MUBI, I haven’t not try yet but it is on my list. And there is more in store that I’m willing to have a check. Don’t worry I have been checking out the national television as well, the programs, the grades, the presenters and the stories so possibly I’m aware of the market as I even was able to see it online, the thing is with all those digital transfer I’m still without the apparel, got a new tv not a smart tv yet and I would be crazy to watch the politicians proposals for the next time running.

While that, I would be honest with you I’m more into the cult movies as I always have been and the small productions, independent movies are where is my most liked stuff. For a long period I see myself browsing in between cinema festivals and talks, cable, archive and what is new and studies of course because that is also my career, so it is part of it take into a deep research and I’m looking for masterpieces which is a hard to make and the international ones always has got different point of views for a showing of and for a share or for a learning.

Love lessons !

MUBI is online.

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