I always try to post new music founds on my journal and I’m always with dj’s around but suddenly I got an idea and people started to request the same, so here it goes I can go for it with my podcasts. I have been prepping several sets 1 hour each for openings with different ambient just in case a change of scenery. Who knows soon, in fact I might even have a surprise in store.

And those bands would be on my list.

CIGARETTES AFTER SEX is a melancholic rock band, introspective for an intimist perfect found. There is melody, there is ballade not boring at all in fact quite bohemian nights. They call it dream pop I call it shoegaze perhaps both of them as the singer really has a sweet voice and beats of really low. It is perfect for rainy days or autumn-winter, to get a reality check I didn’t know of those mood sets but it is true there is mood swings by the seasons that are welcome actually.

Ok, cool. Spinning . . And then I would get jealous of my set ! BOB MOSES is a electronic duo that shakes up a bit and the records are full of delights. The guys have tuned on the right measure for the dance floor and I’ve got a really nice experimental public for it, sounds even like hits well produced I should say, full of noise distortions, rhythm, a long echo and a complete source of work out.

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