Only on very nice cool spots.

And that is the just opened IRVING PENN CENTURY exhibition at IMS , the also new cultural place at the heart of SP. Celebrating the century of his personality, Penn most known for his long contributing career in fashion at Vogue US a partnership lasting 60 years had also an eye and a point of view for analysis and understanding who knows if not as a critic and yet my most liked works would go for the metaphoric artsy ones as it would be called. Thankfully, the photographer brought to the canvas of his works people that also were expressing some ideas in a sort of what Brazilian people would say ‘ Philosophic Coffee ‘.

Going further on Irving Penn photography, it is magnificent to see what the black and white translate for itself, it is as always seeing things in another way and that would be the classic, but also expressionism coldness distance mystery intimist even the vintage but honestly he does well when going color it is more vivid for sure. ‘ I did both, the Coke and the Cola ‘, just a joke but really I adore the food still works of his, so avant-garde when cooking goes art and vice-versa strangely on an ironic way of thinking. Back in fashion, it is interesting how he got to get working with such shapes and the black tie dressing, from the both one or Irving Penn was very concerned in make his works work in a way or he was working with a stylist that were putting cards on the table the way he was looking forward to be. Because it is edited to be an unique language of photography, picked by finger or in a passage of time.


Love to get inspired, specially with big names of fashion, literature, cinema fields and people that I have been studying for a while but other names are welcome because this, I guess is the past present and future. This year we had 2 exhibition gifts and despite I have seen others that I really enjoyed, those made me think deeply very possibly favorites, perhaps because the composition.

IRVING PENN CENTENARIO – till 18/11/2018
2424 Paulista Avenue
Bela Vista

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