The best deal : savings ! I will lie if I say that I have swam on cash ever as I did not, in fact it was more like counting coins but occasionally we can get fed up from a situation like this and change our minds for once and for good. I’m preparing myself for my 50 / 60 years and I’m still on time to change the situation the other way around to my behalf and favor and that is the good news.

Actually, it all wasn’t that bad and I did had a great life but I’m certain that I don’t want to be on this same position in 3 years time. I’m prospecting my career exactly and accordingly with I wished for when I was 20 I just didn’t know that would take me some brain and well thought meanings. I’m still opening doors and it was a good fight roll with the punches gave me some experience while I was sharping my pencil as I always have been my boss. Sounds strange but the world is changing and people doesn’t know exactly where to go.

That is a clue, I guess.

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