And the pull part of a wardrobe that was missing one on mine, and really I took with me one by surprise while shopping art material and I would get back in the shop to get more and finish with the entire wardrobe instead of get a new piece of furniture but it is always in a hurry and always there is the budget thing as well, so we go making it by months and is a never ending story.

This store is a Facebook advertise called COLLECTOR 55. And I loved those pull wardrobe pieces that are hard to find around, that is the thing it seems cool but is always a running after material and after material. So when is a found take it ! and then you have got it online as well, that is an option.

I’ve posted one post about Facebook adds and that is the second or third. Is working.

R$ 38 / R$ 25

R$ 35 / R$ 21

R$ 40 / R$ 21

R$ 21 / R$ 24

R$ 32 / R$ 35

Check it out : COLLECTOR 55

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