I know I know that I’m pretty late on the subject but let’s talk about it all over again. I’ve heard people talk about and I didn’t know very much of what it was about. I got interested on PILATES much because into the light sport of the body toning that people used to say about it and then I bumped the owner of a gym of the glass window that I used to peep and we started to chat and then came a friend saying she was exchanging services with the pilates gym on her borough kind of on the same page and another Physiotherapist friend of mine got getting into the class. And then waw ! serves me much better and what happens is, on the exercises program people are trying to have a change on the training as well, trying to innovate and incorporate a different range, as my friend formed on Physical Education did few classes of other ways of body language.

Here, the apparels are just for sustaining, stretching and designing which is my thing, the problem I’m so engaged with my career that I don’t find time on my agenda and at home is a very quick thing in between schedules, I don’t have time for permanent appointments not just yet. But who knows in the future and why not as I’m looking after my well-being. But I’m on eye in some of lifting props, the pilates carpet, ball and elastics that can help myself at home but for that I will need a bigger place so I’m thinking of that.

Here is some of the exercises and positions proposed by Pilates.

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