I was into alternative therapy and it was on my desk exactly at the time that some weird event happened on my desk, actually I remember it was on the very first page of my agenda that year. After all, I realized that I have forgotten totally about it and out of the blue I reminded about it I guess I’m returning, I’m already feeling a little smile and I want to re-gain my strength and perspective.

I wanted to feel deep down on the bottom line and feel like a looser assume it, that made it all easier. Well, when you loose everything like nothing really and is on the zero is easier to move because suddenly you can come up with a new idea.

I had a line of living kids, teenage kicks, youth, a woman but then I have failed. Don’t worry I’m felling good to myself my essence is well, I’m feeling well but it is my brain that keeps worried about the future and next steps. Sometimes is just let it be. If you asked me in a way how could be life after death, I would say I’m alive basically. So, I guess there is hope yet.

The Ho’oponopono Hawaiian mantra made me question it as I said, forgive me from what ? I’m sorry for what ? Forgive me from being alive ? I’m sorry for being alive but it hurts anyway. So, I found a way to make that pray . . .

Forgive me for not be able to give what I have promised.
I’m sorry for not be where I wanted to be or I’m sorry for all have gone wrong.
I love you because I’m alive, because I promise I will believe on the tomorrow.
Thank you for give myself light and protect me, keep me safe in a secure place.

Maybe tomorrow, it was only a delay and there I might be feeling well again, much better. It will have passed anyway. If there was so many projects that came after death on this gap of time, wellness meditation exercises music and the movies all my repertory some friends even my house where I live was a dead spot perhaps I will start over awake. I would say it was even a rich part of my life, bright.

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