Just been introduced to and was everything I was in need.
Thanks to the friend that gave me the advice.

It is like put the feet on the stop in somehow to reconnect with your truly self. Quite honest, we are all the time so much in demand that sometimes we can get dizzy and lost loosing its sense and purpose. And then you say ‘ something is going wrong ‘. Obviously I want to achieve bigger meanings and that, at the mean time, is the best choice as I didn’t want to go for the medicines, I’m getting well on the organic way. I have decided go for it the entire year, like searching for myself only and lonely. I will be slightly open for very selected events that can fruit in a way but otherwise I will prefer rest with my good books, if it is sickness well I don’t know could be but I’m willing to have a welcome back more centered.

I practice meditation for a time, but for the last 2 years I got fearful of meditation started thinking that life was too bizarre seriously and gave preference to take things on the superficial way, which made me feel scared too but I’m slowly returning for my practices and I’m already happy with that it is already a step forward.

I started back re-organizing all my thinkings, getting clear of the mess and suddenly I’ve realized that I had to get rid of a lot of things, also of the mixed messages that are not on my schedule. Sartre is helping me to do that and strangely some partners at work from far away I thanks them too on the psycho analyses but I’m trying to do not get too much over excited because I just want to be back at myself first.

The tetha healing is a sort of slow motion waves that vibrates on a low frequency, meditation is a search of the deep, but the tetha wave is like switching off from some parameters that are causing some discomfort possibly memories or traumas and re-adjust it to a better reality. Definitely is a long exercise that takes time but we can picture the improvement and day by day you go setting yourself free. It is like an understanding of you entire body, mind and soul. I’ve never heard before about that, is pretty new to me but the technic exists since 1995 I just got into another physics technic that is similar quite of detach from waves that puts pressure that is also interesting and I’m giving it a try as well. Combining both.

It is not I’m not in this world, it is just recognizing what is mine and what I want to pursue yet. Create a new experience and be in peace and harmony, that is all.

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