I couldn’t close a chapter without talk about this subject, the soundtrack. Surprise ! And when I started to work better, smoother and in more concentration, it was when I have discovered jazz, it was like I was in a permanent vacation or not because the introspection of it help me to construct my ideas. Sure, I have listened before but my first steps was into classical music which is more serious tone, old fashion. There is so much to talk about, but it is the best for working classes, a source of inspiration that I’m always looking for, it is noir, bohemian, lonely that in the back of my head I even enjoy imagining me taking on a quartet or a big band, it is imaginary but I fell the brisk of the smile on my face. It is another thing that I didn’t know and came out of the blue having a guest entrance. It is a lie, I always have been mingling, around and about it. Like a never ending academy since age of 4, I’m still taking big lessons, maybe maturing. I have not problem in learn, specially if with those notes.

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