When a kid have introduced me to TEENAGE ENGINEERING the new sort of music production, I say kid because was much younger than me but it was on its teenage kicks thanks God I have updated my processor kit. I had help with my production classes and other friends as well, I agree I was bit out of date but that was because I had left it behind it took part of my life in 2004 some unfinished business and strangely knocked on my door once again in 2014, I’ve picked up the phone.

I had a really nice time with my class colleagues and it was a remarking life calling back, I quite enjoy the efforts of academy I bring it with me my passages, is a kind of warming feeling. And I thought music quite difficult as well, all the notes accords rhythm time beats balance equalization but I’ve realized that I used my free time / time off to be working on bits and bits and then joining them later on and then it has worked out quite ok. Despite I don’t get too much the plugins story yet those things does make a bit of noise, workable sound that adds up bits of need distortion and elses to the music do not be too raw.

TEENAGE ENGINEERING, the Spotify co-patriot from Sweeden, offers you exactly that there is the pro kind of gadget and the initial steps, here I’m presenting the initial steps but it is tricky as what happens is that each of those sort of music game calculators might give you a different sort of instrument or noise or distortion. It is brand new, I guess I can get one of those only abroad or ask for request to someone close to me to bring from outside the country. It seems is happening a new way of doing music and I’m totally fond of that, it is interesting spend your free time on the bus, tube, flight just plugged on a working tool. I have been hearing new stuff and there is some quality material out there. Beyond me, there is a birth on new producers that I’m quite happy with.

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