Let’s start with an instrument then . . Long ago I did piano classes for a couple of years and maybe that is why I’m so much into the computer typing thing . . But music started to make a revival in my life back again and I’m giving it a thought, I have produced some music material work and is ready for a release Yey ! But thinking of improvements here some adjustments in there I thought in get some musical instrument classes and I’m having a look on my agenda to try to figure out when I could place it. Also, I have been thinking what will serve on my style building and what is not that hard for a learning.

I’ve picked up the trumpet because I do believe that is easier than the sax, despite I prefer the sax sound as it is more smooth and dense but it would be a beginning and then later I can have a switch but I’m very into the blow instruments as it is actually a hard to find on electronic producing and I do really need the pinch otherwise I will not have what I’m looking for. The good news, is that I’m finding some music schools around that can help me with that, I even discovered that my teacher could be formed in a well known, best in the country conservatory. Ok, so that is one of my future plans will see.

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