If you want to spice up the music with some other elements, I know that there is people does total electronic but I’m in between experimenting a sort of new way of doing things and basically I still need the electro sounds for composing. KORG well known Japanese set gave me just that, is interesting how difficult is to set up a synthesizer you need to be a real tech but anyway, those Korg synths are just amazing as they come with strange swing noises to build up a live act but for me we should definitely have a test drive once they change the parameter with each model and all of them would be too much for me perhaps for another type of professional could work them all together but not for me as I prefer more chill tones low beats or not quite hard heavy or whatever miscellaneous I’m doing. But for sure, it is a nice add on the music desk. Actually I got my Korg synthesizer ha! But mine one is a limited edition small pocket one with an spacecraft sound, it looks like more the gadgets of the previous post coincidently. Works pretty well.

Those looks fab and are another choice ! All KORG VOLCA

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