Well, a lot of ways of improving the music production. CRITTER AND GUITARI a US company is another set of synthesizer, more like antique vintage hand made. Those synthesizer are quite a difficult to get gadget specially to get the noise, instrument you want, you have the pro commercial ones but sometimes you will find what is good for your ears in some other type of performance and those up-coming manufacturers are just changing the way of doing things. Here, is not the blow instrument not just yet but here there is a sense of blues, folks music. Critter and Guitari doesn’t have too much going on on their offers is just a couple or 4 in total sold out or you have to be on the queue to get one of those or do a kind of pre-order but worth a try just to have it slow, unplugged sort of thing to increase a mixture on the production. Specially on the plug-and-go .



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