Finally we are getting on strings, I personally I’m big fan of distortion. Ok, cool there is certainly the type of the proper instrument, I mean guitar here, you get but the distortion gives another kind of noise adding some echoes, some higher or heavier notes they simply work in another way of the plain guitar. I didn’t told you, I’m doing electronics sort of weirdo thing and I work with strings and I did played guitar and I did quite well, I wasn’t quite fan of guitar myself long ago I thought about drums and I had a crush on the bass and now I’m thinking on the blow thing but the guitar strings were where my performance gave its best, strangely oh shame something I never had thought about. What I’m doing, I’m thinking a way to work in a better shape with drums on my electronic production, doing rehearsals with blow instruments and also with an eye on the guitar then, possible I will leave the bass and the piano behind, unfortunately I used to love bass it reminds me the violoncello. As you see, it is more like an orchestra.

In the mood of doing new music ? There is a lot going on, is such appealing subject . . Let’s meet HOLOGRAM the US new story of pedals, here is the futuristic kind of noise. I would go for some harsh echoes to be honest, but I do hear some people doing other stuff and Hologram could serve them. Those gadgets is more like a get one and try it to make sure of what way are you going to. I, myself work as well with the space approach but in another accords and direction, that is why it is also on my list and I’m showing them. Very yummy pedals, let’s say shoegaze.



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