I haven’t spoken about Oscar’s this year but I have watched it, as I have not commented about latest Met Gala but I also have seen it all those beautiful dresses, my favorite theme so far, I thought it Alice in Wonderland with a hint of Space. I didn’t had time for it.

But for the 72ndCannes Festival I’m with time. The occasion, well I think it suits after the storm for a prize. There is a lot of big names on the show and being back forwards I’m just with The Revenant on Netflix at the moment, exactly at this point rewinding as I get asleep so I will tell you a little story. . Those crazy screenings, when I went to get the ticket for this movie on the cinemas it had been sold out shut down, I got instead a kids movie from Disney. But I did get Birdman and here I’m talking about the president jury Alejandro González Iñárritu, the director of those Oscar’s winning movies. And the honor goes to Sylvester Stallone, in which I went to see as well on The Expendables, to be honest I went only to see him acting again that was amazing and I would certainly ask for him sign my denin jacket on Hedi Slimane show at The Palladium and I did had re-see all the Rock I,II,III,IV,V at again Netflix. This all, the movies I mean gave me a little trouble at end but as you might know nothing comes so easy. Let’s start with my best nominees . .


The cast is amazing Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio in a sort of modern western mode talking between lines, I love blockbuster’s with a cool story specially with the mixing and remixing after all. Is it a de ja vú of real stories ? Or a de ja vú of old plays, well I think it goes well for them both, specially with the concern of re-creating new stories and the industry itself, bit of hard work to innovate but honestly old movies were great but todays the special effects does a lot on the screening, you can feel it sit on your chair, you should try it once you will see an enormous difference already. But I have been with a bit of a concern with Luke Perry death post-morten acting, I used to watch loads of 90210 school big fan, and despite of the reboot not sure yet sorry Luke things are a bit shaken this years. More Fox News . . The strange story of Sharon Tate, anyway. The director Quentin Tarantino likes it, bits of more action did really well.



One of my fav directors Jim Jarmusch, he works so on the b-side that attracts me on the hard ship of getting the stairs up. I used to do zombie – horror movies when I was a little child I just reminded about it a couple of weeks ago and I don’t know how I had guts for it but has passed. Zombies that comes to hunt are annoying I really enjoy the Save As. I have placed on my nominees because it has been really a thriller time on real life and blends exactly with how I feel, will see if the day after tomorrow will bring us some sort of awakening and relief. More, Bill Murray marked my life with Lost in Translation and Chloe Sevigny did Kids and I have fun thinking back that age but I Gummo is more interesting for sure . . Ok, Iggy Pop , Tilda Swinton casting picked by finger.



That is my kinda movie. The French movies always had a huge presence on me, thanks God and they do really well, they make myself feel calmer and introspective. This here, I wish represent my life 20 years after. Not that I’m romantic, I just feel a bit distant, yet partnered and together just don’t take me too seriously. Love sequels. But it is more like naturality, neutrals, normal daily life that is all about French movies, but that is also so me that drives me closer there is an interesting way of looking and seeing things. It is also a huge inspiration for my work. Directed by Claude Lelouch there is a good casting as well, here my most famous is Monica Bellucci but I must have heard or watched Anouk Aimée before, in fact I’m staring to get know of French comediennes and production companies in France or agents in US. Who knows someday I will not be beyond the set.

Have a great see.




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