It is difficult to tell, when life there is a lot of things going on, or maybe it is just to have a better time or how to create a better reality or a bigger comfort or a higher knowledge. For example, I just learned what is to be a erudite and I’m focused to go this way and so forth a lot of information on the plate as well. It is like renew everything of human nature, from basics food and health to literature and discipline also maintenance and get a better processor. Clean the slate and storage. Manage time accordingly and life goes on but is important time to time gives an up-date, exactly that up-date to get softer and lighter and fresher but with a great content.


Today, I’m thinking about cooking. There is the chef / gastronomy trend nowadays everywhere and if you think it is more like going basics because we all need to eat but it is like doing the same old stuff in a brand new way. That is basically using creativity with food to sort of entertain on a kind of ‘ family ‘ environment and also bringing solutions for market and business. It is also a hard work but it is worth. And so, combine different sort of ingredients to make a recipe and the plate dressing is the grand finale.

At the moment, I’m doing this my new class subject, having fun with the kitchen. Crazy, because I’m also taking notes of some recipes in fact I have worked on the kitchen before and was on the food business for a while, I guess it is part of my life as well. Sometimes I go eat out alone on fast or ask for a deliver or with my parents or coffee shops because they are cheaper I love coffee shops but I just have set a new goal for my future . . . Try to visit and eat on the modern / contemporary new restaurants. Here in town as I have been trying already and hopefully some others around the world in which also gave it few tries already.

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