I have a thing with the coffee , it is permanent. Long ago I had used the Italian coffee maker for a while but I had trouble with that sometimes spilling out on the cooker. Then I was presented to this one, in which I was amused with. Then I arrived in my country and I went back on basics and started using the cloth strainer which for me was really cool but after a long period came the flies and they were like annoying me. I had seen the French coffee maker before here and finally I got one to me. I got pretty happy with that, because doesn’t use any kind of strainer and surprisingly I got a new teapot from China pretty close to a pan I have designed when at university, I have seen a set of ceramic teapot like other set I have designed at that time at a London museum before. Anyway, the French coffee maker is pretty simple coffee, hot water, close and press it and is ready but I still getting used to it because I have not found the right coffee measure to make my best mid strong balanced coffee.




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