The laundry is always a mess. We never spoken here on the journal about the laundry but it is a mystery sort of work right. And the clothes get spoiled from time to time, seriously I detest when the clothes go little tiny bubbles on the fabric it is good because then you have to buy new clothes, good for the industry. My wash machine is fabulous old school new look but is a bit broken, I have fixed it before and it was my second time fixing a wash machine, I look like a house keeper waw ! You also have to be aware of maintenance of the house, such a thing. My machine is noise is a bit broken and the guy that fix it is not sure if can be fixed, he told me was calling me back will see. . In hold but is still working but would be even better delivery it all for the laundry and they get ready for me. Around my place there is few laundries that does the service themselves and is coming those do-it-yourself laundries in the town but not close enough to me. I had an idea, could have on the building, included convenience. Once I’ve lived on a building on the city center that the laundry service was located on the garage and the cleaning service was also offered, I used both maybe it was more like a flat I guess . . Miss this time, it was a glorious time or not because now I have my home-office . . Will see next steps.

Ok, the Dry Clean is wonders because if not it shrinks, fabric get twisted or the color get washed with stains even worse when a cloth stains with color another clothes that drives me mad.

And laundry uses a lot of water as well that is becoming quite confusing. So, I recommend.

( About environment, eco-system and sustainability )

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