There is a gap between learning and doing it in fact.
The pin puzzle thing is a great brain exercise, should practice.
They are raising the status quo by chance, without your knowledge.
The problem is the work under pressure for the releases or deadlines.
No pressure at all, just in time. When there is so much going on my studio.
Specially if you are looking for the masters, willing to give a master piece.
At this point I’m staring to the maximums.
Find your way through your expertise.
There is no problem with that, I guess.
Again, surprisingly.

I’m turning confident again, after a period of injury.
Hopefully, it is going to start working on my favor.
Giving myself the best clue and the best strategy.

I’m plenty of energy.
Optimistic, I would say.

Back on my studies.
And readings.

Competitive yet.
And why not .

But with my own style .
Some people call it system analyses.
And some other people are calling for my help.

Jigsaw Puzzle / Art Books by Kent Rogowsky

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